How It Works

An innovative step in food service

At Chowbotics, we’ve brought a data-driven mindset to the world of fresh food. Through the power of robotics technology, Sally can safely protect and dispense hundreds of wholesome ingredients — all delicious, perfectly-portioned, and tested by our team of chefs and engineers. Plus, it enables 24-hour food service, extending business operating hours.

How to get started

Whether you’re a forward-thinking company after the most hygienic, custom food service solution, or you’re a hungry customer seeking a delicious meal, you’re only a few steps away.

What Sally means for your business

Less Waste

Constant temperature controls and automatic logs ensure ingredients stay fresher longer.

Easy record keeping

A fully automated dashboard tracks temperatures, sales and ingredient usage.

More opportunities

Bounce back from salad bar closures and extend your service 24/7, without extra manpower.